My Muse – Miss C in the early days

Miss C and I have been together a long time, almost 11 years and I know that I love her now more than ever.

I joke about how she is the most tolerant girl in the world, but it’s probably true. I have also been known to joke that she’s only with me because she has low self esteem and doesn’t realise how she could do better. This is not true, (well the bit about her self esteem, anyway) I’m just very fortunate to have found someone with whom I match up with very well and with whom my various idiosyncrasies mostly complement. I’m incredibly fortunate to have Miss C in my life, I know few other people so universally adored. I can tell you that anyone who knows her in one of her worlds has little to no appreciation of how much she excels in her others.

Miss C thinks Depeche Mode’s Somebody is our song and it’s a pretty damn good representation of our relationship. Chances are if you’re reading the song will resonate with you too.

Miss C is my Muse, and my passion for photography has been encouraged continuously over the course of our relationship. My work today is much more polished, but these early images serve a very pertinent reminder of happy times when we would schedule an afternoon together to shoot some smut.

We still shoot smut together, but often times it is with others in the frame. Maybe down the line I’ll find some time to share some more.

Happy Sunday!


PS Please don’t reproduce these images elsewhere. Otherwise I might not post any more from the archive and it might make Miss C sad.

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Copyright 2012

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Copyright 2012

Sinful Sunday

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