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Hello, Saturday

Holiday Snap

We’ve just had a brief holiday together after living apart for the best part of 8 months. Most of our trip was fulfilling overdue family visit commitments which made for little privacy. Here is the one candid moment I found time to capture.

Smut in motion

We’ve finally started experimenting in making our own erotic films. The two earliest experiments are now up and there’s definitely some things I’m learning along the way and plans to improve future films. For now they’ll only be available to be viewed by our Fetlife supporting member friends until we have perfected combining anonymity with […]

5 Star Weekend

Our first chance in 5 months of having some private time together and we spent it in a five star hotel in the heart of Sydney. The room was spacious, beautiful and a great location for our debauchery and personal artistic endeavours. Here’s a couple of examples and down the track there may be our […]

A landscape to admire


Voyeuristic Pleasures

The Send Off

If you enjoy aural sex, you might just like: this

A bit of Corporal Punishment

My Muse – Miss C in the early days

Miss C and I have been together a long time, almost 11 years and I know that I love her now more than ever. I joke about how she is the most tolerant girl in the world, but it’s probably true. I have also been known to joke that she’s only with me because she […]